March 27, 2010

Are you worn out after a long hard day?

After a long day at work,I am sure most people are exhausted.You feel your head is so heavy,your skin are so tight,your neck your back and your shoulders are so uncomfortable.So,what do you actually do when you come home from work? Lets list the top 5
1. Some people will just snuggle on their cozy sofa/bed
2. Read up newspaper
3. Dozed off in the bath tub
4. Go for their gym/exercise

Are any of listed your activity/routine after work?
Dont you feel great If you could get to do those activity with another relaxing and very beneficial thing?
Lets talk about it!
For those working in an air-conditioned room one whole day might feel even exhausted.Being in an air-conditioning place is indeed very comfy and cooling,but do you know that air-conditioner absorp your skin moisture?
So,what is the relaxing and beneficial thing that Im talking about? Yes, It the mini facial that you can DIY!
Im not a pro,but I have some recommendations that I think those who love themselves could give a try.

Make removing your make-up and washing your face when you come home a habit.
(p/s: Remake-up If you need to go out later! You skin will say thanks to you!)

Most people think that applying face mask is real troublesome specially when you are so comfortably lying down at the couch that you need to wake up and clean it when its time.
Well,you can pick this!

Raspberry Sleeping Mask

This is the best mask to be used if you do not like to wake up from your sleep upon dozing off after work at home to clean your mask.
This mask has got 3 actions,which are
2.Minimize pores

It's really easy to be used.Just apply a sufficient amount all over your face and guess what,you could just go to bed after that.You can leave it ALL NIGHT LONG.
Yes,leave it till the next morning and rinse off when you wash your face.
I suggest u to use this daily or every alternative day.

Having problem with dry skin?
This could be your pick!

The OXYmask
This mask is really fun.
Massage OxyMask into your face in a circular manner as instructed.
This exfoliates dead skin, treats clogged pores and whitens.
After mere seconds the mask will start to FIZZLE.

Many many bubbles will start surfacing, giving a tickling sensation!

Ohw,try it on your own and feel it for yourself.
Alternative days use overtime for a better result.
This mask not only oxygenized your skin but it also has lifting action.


And If you are a paper mask fancy person like I do,try picking up these:
Asian favourite I suppose.The collagen with pearl powder that whiten your skin.
As for this,I think the printing at the front tells it all.
yes,papaya mask serve your skin some drinks!

Or you could just hop in to SASA,pick few masks with different purposes.

Apply different mask each day.

Daily use or at least every alternative day for facial will give you a glowing skin in just 7 days.
Try it out,you could feel the difference!

So what to do now when you are homed.Guess you are now clear enough.Go grab'em all at the mall.Remember dont give yourself an excuse saying that you have something to do like housework or some paperworks etc,because you could do it with a mask on your face.
These masks give you a glowing and more radiant complexion for a more refreshing look to work the next day.

" There isnt an ugly woman but only lazy woman"

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