March 24, 2010

The Day

The third day at work,Im beginning to feel sleepy and worn out.However the only thing I could say to myself is " Deal with it." Its going to be 10 month no matter how much I am complaining.I have got my schedule today and the last day for my practical will be on 21 JAN 2011.Sigh* Long way to go.Anyway lets talk bout work.So far,the people at work are good.They are quite friendly,well I dont know how will they be after a long term.You know,human being tend to show their real colour after some time.No offence,just a matter of fact.

This will be my current workplace,The Total Parental Nutrition Preparation Department.
Basically this is how we need to dress before entering the cleanroom

And yes,TPN Department prepare this-

Not a very easy job.
Everything has to be precise and absolutely Clean and Sterile.
And today,I did some opthalmic preparation.
Great try,but tiring.

Everyday at work,I only wait for the clock to strike 5pm.
Being so tired,I headed to salon right after work.Gave myself a good pampered and some shoulder massage.
And headed to Auto city with mum and siblings for our dinner
Relaxation after work is essential to calm yourself.

Aww,he loves it!


Our food was pretty good.

Finally,my dessert

Burrrp* Its the time to go back and jump to my bed now.

p/s : If I sound exaggerate of my tiredness at work,well I would just like to say Im not used to working at all.And I still could adapt to the working hour just yet.Need some time perhaps!

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