March 16, 2010

The Holiday Delights

Lots of outings lately,and this is exactly what I want.Better be occupied than being too free.I had hitted lots of places for the past couple of weeks.Dining at favourable place with good food.
I have just organised my pictures in folders,and now that I couldnt really remember where have I filed them accordingly.Silly me!
I will try tracing.
Been meeting up with few friends.Did some catching up.Wonderful thing to review your memorable kiddy past.Really.
Yea,I got myself a cheap Samsung camera.I know many been saying that I dont need if I already have one DSLR,but this is for random use.Yea,admit that It an extra.But anyway,its quite good.
A 12.2Megapixels Digital cam for RM299 is indeed a steal.

OK,lets move back to my recent outings.Er,do I sound like im announcing to the whole world of what have I been doing and stuff? Actually I just mean to share,thats all.Isnt that is what blog for?!

1st station,Fish Manhattan Market

Japanese at Tropicana City

Banana Leaf at Devi's Corner,Bangsar

Meeting up with Chitra and Aiza,a very very long time friends of mine

Hawker Beansprout Chicken Rice,Yummmmy!

Chinese Dining

Dessert at Honeymoon

Ah,this is all the good food...Everything is my Favourite! Crave for more indeed!

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