March 17, 2010

Moi puppy!

Let me introduce my adorable pet.She is a female,Australian silky terrier breed.I named her Chubby,as I want her to be chubby.I got her via net,and it's my 2009 christmas gift from dad.Thanks.Its really exciting owning a pet,but,when it comes to hygiene matter,ah,you will need to bear with it.Every possible hour,u might spot poos and pees around your house.So,its good and lucky for u if your pet is well toilet-trained.Chubby is still not so good at it.Mum never likes to have pet around,so,another thing that I need to bear is her nags aside from Chubby's poos and pees!
If i were to keep Chubby,I will need to deal with it!

This is Chubby,when she was 3 months old

This is the posture when she sleeps


And,below are the most recent pictures of Chubby

Her cozy bed

Posing in her new shoes! This is for CNY
Hmm,havent been taking pictures for her lately.Shall get busy with my camera for more!


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