March 27, 2010

Quick Eye makeover!

Ever being in rush to a party or event,where u have no time to get ready and u look so in a mess?
Well,hopefully this tutorial could help a little.
This make up only take 5 minutes,and you are able to get yourself presentable to public.
Only things that u need to do are:

1.clean your face
2.Apply moisturizer.


And then,off you go!
Drive off and head to any place with your mesmerizing eyes!

Items needed:
  • Liquid eyeliner (black)
  • Pencil eyeliner (Recommended,KATE colour pencil)
  • Eye shadow (Dark colour,Recommended,KATE crystal cut)
  • Eyebrows pencil (Colour that suits ur hair)
  • Contact lens (I was on GEO Brown)
Some snapshots for the make up.

Remember! you need not to be a make-up artist to do a good make-up
More make-up tutorial video will be uploaded.
My make-up doing will be kind of quickie one.
But,It will be just as great as the time-taking make up doing.

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