March 22, 2010

Workplace vir-gin!

The first day at work today was bored.Im scheduled at the TPN section for this 2 weeks,and will be pretty free at work.A routine of 8am to 5pm isnt good at all.Basically it has gone back to the schooling timing as I need to get up at 6am,oh how ridiculous! I think working hour should be altered to a more preferable time,which is,erm let me think..ok,9.30am-4.00pm would be fair enough.Sigh* I know this is like the most impossible thing ever to be happened in reality.
Of what I get to observed today at my workplace is that,Malaysia could be considered to be quite a good country.I saw lots of patients of old and young today at the dispensary.They came for their medication and only pay for RM1 for their treatment & medicine even if they consulted a specialist.That has serve the nation quite a great deal.
Working is so different from studying in college or uni, now that I know.People around you are no more your classmates,but they are your collegues of different ages.I still cant really get along well as to treat them as collegues.Not that they are way grown up or older than me,but the serious manners and working attitude is freaking me.I kept on reminding myself just now at work that Im now dealing with real patients,real medicines which are going to be delivered to the patients and it will be life and death matter.I cant afford any carelessness and mistakes.Oh,how much I love college life.
Sigh* another 6am tomorrow.Should I start my countdown to the end of my practical?! LOL
Well, I would wish myself good luck everyday at work.

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