April 18, 2010

As usual LAH!

Early morning yesterday,I was so spiritful ,called up Renn and she brought me all the way to BKT MERTAJAM for these

A very traditional Roti Bakar + Chicken Floss

A very famous Kg. Aston Curry Mee!
I dont usually or I could say,I dont take curry mee at all,but this time,Renn said that the curry is like heavenly delicious that she and her family always crave for,I decided to give a try.YES! It is really delicious,and it has a very special taste which made it so different from other curry,er not that I have tried other,I mean It also looks different from other curry mee! LOL

And,this is the stall

We went to B.M for quite long because somebody got lost and had been winding here there here there!
After the breakfast,I hitted Qbay.
My lunch+Tea time

Yup,met up with Hub and the mother @ I-Dragon

And off we go for movie,Hub's mom went back after the lunch.
So,as always,I would catch up with movies.
I watched this

Ice kacang Puppy love
A malaysian movie

Comment : Not a bad movie,but It is quite draggy.A lil too long but worth watching as to support the local creation

So now,the Dinner time
Seoul Garden + my fav Winter warmers

Varities of dishes up for grabs

And then,this was what we were doing at winter warmers

Of what we were playing with,stay tuned! More pics are coming up.
Perhaps next week!
Its my Big day!
So there are more to reveal

P/S: Im downloading Gossip girl season3 for now
madly in love with it

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