April 25, 2010

The Eve Of my Day Celebration

It was my 22nd birthday!
So,what I planned was,I brought few of my friends out to the island to give them a good treat of drinks to get them drunk.Ok,I know it supposes to be other way round but,I like to see my friends got drunk then myself!Not that I can drink!

Gather few of my chicks and dudes and off we go to Sunset Bistro.It was my pick coz its at the beach.You could feel the breeze and enjoy the sound of waves.How pleasant is that isnt it?


Aww everyone was loving it.Unfortunately the sky sprinkled some blessing water when we got our seat.So,we had no choice but to move in to the cottage instead of chilling at the sandy beach! The interior was just as good,so no prob!

Lets the countdown begin!
And when the clock stroke sharp at 12
The cake was send in

Oww.More BAGS More BAGS More BAGS!!!


My cake delivery person! Mr.William.TQ

Moved forward.My treat of tequila shots to K.O them all
But I know,I failed !
Dont worry,I still have next year.So watch out!
Here comes the shots for everyone


This is our drinking queen.She claimed that she had never got drunk and so wanted to feel how being drunk is!
"Si beh Hao Lian Ho...Waitttttt!!! ONE DAY"

alright not too bad




Trying to act gayish

Happy ending! AS usual,after drinking,headed to Green House for our supper

Somebody beh tahan d

So lastly I would like to say Thanks to all my friends for giving me a great celebration
Thank you for those you posted birthday wishes on my Fbook wall.Thanks! Appericiate that!
Love you all

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