April 11, 2010

A good day perhaps!

Just before I could get my eyes open this morning,I heard my phone ringtone!
Unfamilliar number,but I know who was it.
Click on the answer button,and conversation started -

Me:  Hello
XXX:  Hey where are u? How is everyone?
Me:  Good,everyone is fine and im still on the bed.
XXX:  So what size do u want of the thing that you mentioned?
Me:  I want a large one.
XXX:  What brand do u want?

Ahhhh...when it came to this question,I paused a lil out of excitement.
Could I really pick any brand that came across my mind! Dont regret!

Me:  Er,any brand you think that I would love it.
XXX:  Ok then,I'll see.

After I hung up,I couldnt get back to my sleep.Full of joy.I would consider a good morning for me for today.

couldnt choose which picture would best describe my feeling.
But,finally I pick this.
In doubt yet happy.

p/s: Could anyone figure out of what thing we were talking about?

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