April 14, 2010

Love at first taste!

Why do I named my tittle so?
Its because this place was my love at first taste.Already I love the ambience and the whole dimly litted and romantic atmosphere yet the food and service was treating me so well making me fell in love with it at my very first visit.
Taste it for yourself,taste the food,taste the environment! I bet you gonna love it too.

Here comes our orders!



And there is another special thing dining in here is that,you get to enjoy some live singing band every Sunday by your table side.The band will go table by table,singing lovely song welcoming you.How wonderful is that! And that makes the food and wine even tastier!
Song we got that day GUAN TARA MERA!

A wonderful dinner and it makes a pennies worth paying
Nevermind for more visits next time.

I am having no word expressing my love for the place.
Get yourself a whole day break sometimes and treat yourself a drink there.That lit your daily bored routined life a lil colour!

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