April 13, 2010

Shake your hippie!

What do u personally think of dancing?
What does dance mean to you?
Ohw,well,I hit Hard Rock Hotel last weekend,attended a dancing competition being held there.

Pretty fun looking at those dancers dancing out there with energy and courage!
Most of the dances are Belly dance,so all the while I was gluing my eyes on all those sexy belly!

One of the groups of dancers

Pinky lady was one of the competitor too

basically,I didnt took much pictures of all the dances,its too shaky yet i was concentrating on their moves

the to-gather dance after party,awww..cute isnt it?!

Didnt get to watch the most exciting session.
I went off before the annoucing of the result.Too bad!
So, congratulations to whoever the winner was.

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