April 6, 2010


Yayyy! I've got a new lens for my DSLR.
Collected the lens from Jacky last weekend,and was so excited to play with it.
So,basically Hub and I were playing with the camera all day long,that it was weekend means for chill isnt it?!

Met up with Jacky at Winter Warmers
And here starts the snapshots

Tested! No problem so far! Good deal Jacky.

vrooom! Destination changed.Went for movie after that.We both were very into catching up movies in cinema but,there arent much nice one lately.Not our favourite perhaps.

After movie,ahhh..not healthy activity took place.Late night dinner!
I pick Coffee Island
I love the environment
The seaside location
Thumbs up
But,the food..err..not so good!

Oww,He was watching the football.His team Arsenal VS Wolf team
(I dont know what team,but he told something wolf,cant remember)
Aww,look at the Joy for football
Stupid football
" Hai Si Lang"

As for the next day,I was craving for some Japanese.So,since I need more pictures,I went dining with my bulky cam along.But it was worthy!

Not enough,I want some dessert!
Ran to the next station to get my Espresso tiramisu and a Hot chocolate!


Till then,
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