May 26, 2010

Birthday Post Again!

This time,the celebration is different.This friend of mine,came all the way from Ipoh to Penang,for her bday dinner.So,basically, I will be the place "suggestor",and Feringhhi Garden was my pick.Happened to be that Sunday was Mother's day too,so it was quite crowded and we were unable to get a desired table at desired spot.Anyway,our table which was indoor was just as good.We had a wonderful meal,and the whole celebration was just too memorable for the birthday girl I bet.
Let the pictures do the talking!
My selection of venue
Lets take a tour around

our honoured birthday girl


These are our orders

And after the maincourse,here comes the dessert! The birthday cake of May Anita

And the special thing was,we got a band singing birthday song for her!

See how happy she is! And its time to make SOME wishes! I bet one of her wishes must be getting married soon.

Now,the fiancee has to pick a song to sing for the birthday girl.
His pick was "Falling in love with you"

And this is the band that i am talking about.Contact them if you want them to sing for u in any event except for funeral of course!


You indeed had a wonderful birthday.

May 22, 2010

Hello from the LionLand

Touched down Spore and arrived at aunt's place,and here we are a treat of Spore Pizza.Thanks to Uncle!
Pic above shows how my fatty boy started the feast,accompanied by two viewer!

My Singaporean cousin and weirdly,he likes them both,the new guest?
Ohw ya,also to celebrate the birthday of my boy

Very costly gift for my boy's big day! A Singapore birthday celebration!!! Wah Lao Yeh!
Next year,when it comes to my turn, Im gonna ask for a Europe trip.
"Boy!You Wait.
Anyway a very Happy Birthday to you my boy!
Giving you a wonderful celebration here.
More updates from tomorrow!

May 8, 2010

Happpy Birthday Burung Tiong

Its another birthday celebration.The month of May,on the 3rd day,Its the celebration of Mr Vincent Yip mother's day of pain which bring Ah Yip to this world.
Lol,sound dramatic huh!
Anyway,he had a good time that day.We as his buddies gathered and went for a real filling dinner.

yea,I was the only lady there.But they treat me like their old buddy so,not a problem for me.Felt pretty safe with them because they are just like my bodyguards as Im the only lady there in this group.

Look at the food that we ordered!

That is the toast of clam?

AWWW...Thanks so much my brother!

There was something fishy between them both.LOL
Vince,are u really sure of your feelings? LOL

Good food and everyone was enjoying

The night had not just end after dinner! Everyone was having the mood to sing.So,we hit the Karaoke right after dinner and sing throughout the night

The walkway to our room.

The wine storage room

The rock king in house!

All look so talented huh!

This is a very special gift for you!
Its all 100% Hand-made,and limited edition!
Originally taken from my D90 with my own hand OMG
"Laughing My Ass Off"
So,next time if you need any photographer for some events,never forget to buzz me.Dont worry,I will give you special discount! "wink" HAAAAHAAA