May 26, 2010

Birthday Post Again!

This time,the celebration is different.This friend of mine,came all the way from Ipoh to Penang,for her bday dinner.So,basically, I will be the place "suggestor",and Feringhhi Garden was my pick.Happened to be that Sunday was Mother's day too,so it was quite crowded and we were unable to get a desired table at desired spot.Anyway,our table which was indoor was just as good.We had a wonderful meal,and the whole celebration was just too memorable for the birthday girl I bet.
Let the pictures do the talking!
My selection of venue
Lets take a tour around

our honoured birthday girl


These are our orders

And after the maincourse,here comes the dessert! The birthday cake of May Anita

And the special thing was,we got a band singing birthday song for her!

See how happy she is! And its time to make SOME wishes! I bet one of her wishes must be getting married soon.

Now,the fiancee has to pick a song to sing for the birthday girl.
His pick was "Falling in love with you"

And this is the band that i am talking about.Contact them if you want them to sing for u in any event except for funeral of course!


You indeed had a wonderful birthday.

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