June 19, 2010

First Hit @ Singapore

Ah so this is my Singapore trip post as promised.Its been a while since I got my blog updated.Pretty occupied these days and feeling lazy to resize the picture.However,I manage to do most of it.Heeee I still have some pictures not done.Ya,Im that lazy.
Alright,back to my point.So,this is a birthday trip that I gave it to my boy.Have no idea what should I buy him for his birthday,so I decided to present him a ticket to Singapore which I would be able to enjoy too.I wasnt just both of us,I grabbed my double date partner along.Jenny & Ricky.Thanks.

and this is my exhausted pale face, resulted rushing to the airport right after work

Their first passport and thier first flight.Yay! I manage to take their first time

Our plane,My first ride on Tigerairways

The most expensive mineral water that I ever drink.RM10

And after an hour,here we are! Hello to Singapore.

Waited for my aunt to be back

And as posted before,a delivery order of Pizza from uncle as to welcome us and also as an eve birthday celebration for my B
And so thats about the beginning.
Let the official first day starts now.

Getting all my equipments ready

We planned to visit Universal Studio but,that day was just not our luck
Tickets were sold out!
Ticket of theme park can be sold out?
Thats a lil ridicolous

Look at the crowd to Sentosa


I know this is the best chocolate althought I am not a huge fan of chocolate.

Yes he was over excited about this,double thumbs up for this picture.

And then,nyek nyek nyek...My favourite place!
PICTURE! PICTURE! Guess u know where you should shout for this!

2 hours later.Manage to grab some cash and continue our fun!
Lucky day

And our next ride will be the even fun ride

Photo credited to Jenny,not easy to hold the handle bar with one hand and snap the pictures of us with the camera at another hand.GOOD
After the rides we hit to a mini beach.

And thats all about the half of the day in Sentosa
Our next station,Bugis Street

A very famous " Kuan Yin " Temple in Singapore.There will be some movie shooting there sometimes. We were too late when we went there.So it was close,however I have went in before when I visited Singapore the last time.
Interior was spacious and the thousand hand kuan yin statue is beautiful inside.

Somebody become so emo coz of the over crowded Bugis.Stood there silent.
Nice pic anyway.HeeeHeee

A pole sign for me.
The first day ends here.

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