June 27, 2010

Meni Pedi Yippie!

What I was doing yesterday was real fun! Movie,Pedicure and chilling with live band! Wonderful day!
Pedicure was a real need for me as I havent really get a time for it for quite some times already.So,after movie and in conjunction with much time left before heading for a live band,I suggested to Boy,to go for a pedicure.Ohw,I gave him a treat of pedi too.That was his first try.Very funny.He always think pedicure and manicure are girly stuff but I told him its actually meant for guys too..Pedi and Mani are not actually for beauty but,hygiene of your nails come first.

Ohw,It was his first try.Of course he did enjoy it!

Lol,this picture is funny.Look at the pedicurist,she is staring at him in a very frustrated way,Boy was holding back his laugh for the itchiness!HAaaaaHaaa

Thanks for waiting babe!
and when everything has done,here comes my bling bling nails with healthy cuticles!

Ah,Boy's feet is now completely clean and free from dead skins..No corns,No harden skin,No nothing.
Perfectly clean and soft! 
Good job Nail Hansen
(2nd floor of Gurney Plaza)

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