June 24, 2010

Nightingale in Singapore

This is going to be a post of our night activities in Singapore.
My utmost first is going to be,a post about my love at first try of this "Tin Kai Chok"
The frog porridge
It is absufuckinglutely delicious.It spices up till your hair end and its spiciness gave u a botox on your lips making your lips go real red and puffy.Haa Haa.I miss it right now.Im so gonna fly back to Spore for it.



These are all perfect match!!!!
and look at everyone's puffy red lips


Erm but these two Singaporean were not so much affected.They are so used to eating it already!

Wonderful great dinner + supper @ Lorong 9 Geylang

Ohw yea,we even ordered second round.And at last......

*Buuurrrpp* Super duper dilicious

Chapter 2
Singapore is always known as a busy small country and it is symbolized by a merlion statue.Merlion stands for Mermaid+Lion,head of a lion but tail of a mermaid.It has got its own meaning of this statue.Im too lazy to explain it here.Why dont you do your own research.Er,I sum it up,its of the strength of the country,strong as the lion at the same time it is gentle and mild like a mermaid.
Dont laugh if it doesnt sound correct but,I know I have got the point there *wink*

Drinking water from the merlion mouth will bring you good luck in casino,so this was what Ricky did

The building behind us,is the new Casino,at Golden Sand

Chapter 3

Ever heard about having dinner in a ferries wheel's gondola?
Here I am,The Singapore Flyer
You could even dine in there,which will cost $249 per couple.So grab your love one to go with u.
Of course we didnt go for dinner there,we went for sightseing.
The night panorama of Singapore is just so nice looking from high up in the air!

These are what we could get up there,photo credited to Ricky


Aha,thats all for my walkaway in Singapore.
Next post is gonna be my weekends in Ipoh and a holiday trip to HK and Macao.
Hang in there,I will be back real soon.
Flying off to HOME

We went with one bag for each person,but we returned doubled.

Looking forward to having another flight!

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