June 6, 2010

Outdoor potraits

This post is going to be something new for me.Photoshooting as a hobby can be real fun,and that was what I was doing for yesterday.Went on the purpose for a family photoshooting.It was fun,but the pictures are yet to be posted in here before they do their selection.However,since it was so-called a photoshooting day,I did some photoshooting for my friend,ohw let me introduce a lil bout her.She is a freelance photographer as well an editor.She made good pictures and yea,she is my teacher as well.LOL.A very humble and easy-going person.Alright,so,Im going to post some of my first accomplishment and yup,I welcome comments.You could type your comments in my Chatbox on your right coz my comments box is OUT OF SERVICE.*giggles*
Ok,have fun!

Hmm,so how are these?
Planning for some shots for yourself,feel free to ring me for some economical photoshooting.

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