June 24, 2010

Singapore De Second! I name It!

The second day.Everything was so interesting.Everyone started to love Singapore.So do I.But I have no idea what kind of a life is it going to be if were to work and live there for long.Tour for fun is always fun.
The second day was a real long day.Shopped around
and yea I'm gonna talk about this fancy ride that we went.Its call some "duck ride"
Its a vehicle that can be driven on land and water.It was said that this vehicle was used during the world war,huh,how cute is that right?Do they get to drive it real fast to escape from enemy in the war?HaaHaa a lil doubt I have. *wink*

Driving into the water

And then up to the land

After the ride,of course that was our time to walk around the malls

Then it's our dinner time.
This time,with my aunt and uncle,we headed to Marche.
First I thought its gonna be very cliche of it because we do have Marche back here in MAS,but I was wrong.Marche there is so much better compared to the one in MAS.The ambience,decorations and food quality are completely in contrast.Let me talk less for now,and you have a look at these pictures for yourselves

An escalator to go in the restaurant to grab your seats

Ohw ya,they even have a play corner for kids.See how convinient will the parents who bring their children here for meals be?

HaaHaa,yea I even took the picture of the toilet.Its design attracted me

And then,here comes the bill.This amount for 7 person is really a reasonable price in Singapore dollar
 (Uncle and aunt,say never convert the price,or else you will end up getting nothing)
but FYI,for certain brand the price is still cheaper than the price in MAS even after you convert the currency.
Head back home after a long long walking day.
Spotted: My uncle complaining his waist is getting old
 and then,My profits of the day.....

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