July 31, 2010

Photoes roll

This afternoon was not occupied! So,these are the few photoes I was working on just now.Leave me some comments.I am still improving myself and in the process of learning
Thank you peeps!

Thanks again for your precious comments.

July 29, 2010


I have grabbed the August Edition of all my monthly must-have magazines.
and now,its reading time!!

July 28, 2010


Chilled all alone at starbucks while waiting for mum.
Grabbed my Hot Vanilla this time,no more hot chocolate as Im sick.
After that,Mum drove me to the clinic and these are what I got.....

ahhh...Gotta pop in few tabs tonight before bed

Chocolate Chocolate!

Been having this quite a lot these days,Yes,Im addicted to it.
The Hot Chocolate
So,what we did over last weekend

Yup,cari makan at my Favourite place.

July 26, 2010


Celebrating a pretty lady's birthday over here at Ingolf,Penang.
A restaurant serving German cuisine.Food is good and in big portion.
Everyone enjoy the food and the German beer.

After a good dinner.We had our chilling session at Wine shop
Chit chatting jokes and random topics,camwhore with everyone.
Had a great time basically

The birthday girl has to pick the wine and take a photo with everyone.Hm..its like a tradition thingy

Afterall,I had my own picture session.U know me,with my pictures everywhere I am

S and J

Boy and myself

ohw,co-incidently bumped into Dr.Praveen

So this was it,our night out
Happy Birthday once again, Girl


July 25, 2010

Drinking + Birthday Dinner!


Another mix and match yesterday,Paulaner German Beer,and Red Wine,a lot of red wine and a glass of sparkling.
Its been long since the last drinking session.
More pictures coming up, a birthday celebration of a friend. 

July 24, 2010

Mix and Match

My first time on this high-waisted military shorts




Went for a movie yesterday.The sorcerer's apperentice.Nice,it is a fantasy kind of a movie,but I like the whole storyline of the movie.

Thought of the day

Life start getting dull with not having many around me,many are at UK,one in Brunei,some in KL,she is busy with busy,he is busy with his stuff,they are not free.Looks like I gotta plan some travel.
Found this picture in my Cam,and yes,I want another flight,out to somewhere!
Punch* stop dreaming,your practical session is not over yet! Dream on for more leaves!!Hmmm...Its boring for doing routine.
I think I gonna ajak my boy to go travel somewhere nearby.A short getaway could be fun too right?
Punch* Your cash is flowing out and you are drying with the word broke!
Ohw no,been buying a lot these days.Lens,clothes and bag and there goes my money!
*Ring,Ring* Hello Dad............

(Dad: The num. that you have dialed is currently not available,plz DONT try again later)
Its not that I know only how to spend,I do know how to earn,i have good business thoughts and I suggest good idea.Just that,my career isnt very stable,just yet..*giggles*
Doesnt matter,as long as dad know me,that would be just enough.

Couldnt find any picture of my muka,very seldom doing those vain camwhore these days.No No,Im gonna start it back.
Planning to get this as my equipment for self camwhore!
see,this is how my duit semua habis!!!


Been eating quite a lot at different places,so would like to promote a lil bout food.
This would be my place of choice for "Shanghai Xiao Long Pao" I will call it Malaysia Mini Pao cause *wink* If you know me well you would know the reason and a place for Ramen!

Dinner with the breeze

Ohw,so this was where I was yesterday for some Hainanese Dinner.
Good ambience and OK food.

Opps! Im running late for dinner with boy now.I'd better go for my shower.
More updates coming up.
Frequent your visits to my blogspot yea!