July 9, 2010

Macao & Hong Kong getaway 1

A trip with your whole family is indeed a great getaway for a good pause of all the hectic work and stress.
June,I travelled quite a lot.Was having a week trip to Macao and then Hong Kong.The whole trip was fun and relaxing.Lots of money spent too for the comfort of the everything during the trip.So,this I have to thank my dad,who is also my ATM.LoL!
Everything of my dad's plan was indeed perfect for all of us regardless I have my boy joining this trip.Lets talk no more.Pictures will be more fun to be looked at.Enjoy it peeps! It took me sometimes to resize them!
*Picture above was my lucky shot! The pilot came out from his deck and told me to look out of the window to see another plane which was just few metres away from our flight! that's very cute of that pilot!

Being too bored in the 5 Hours flight,this was what we did!

Oh ya,my lil brother has got the special privillege from Air Asia,he got to go in the pilot area,for pictures.He even got to wear their cap (I call it cap heeee)

Ah,after few hours on the plane,here we are Macao!

Oh,I gotta talk about this hotel.Its named The Crown,at the City Of Dreams,Macao.Very nice room,environment,near to The Venetian,and Hard Rock Hotel.Famous tourist attraction.
After an early morning flight,everyone was tired,so...lets go check out the room.

And this was our room.Spacious and very comfortable for just us two.

This is the view from my room,breathtakings!

After washing up,here we go! Out for our lunch and tour around

Lunch! Lunch! Lunch!


let me introduce their famous dish!
Erm,dont know what it is called already,i think it is somekind of the "Peking Duck"
Not too bad,but not my favourite  "Soureey"

Dining in Macao & Hong Kong is real costly.So I would make sure no wastage!
After filling our stomach,we went for a show! Somekind of a light show with lots of graphic thingy.

Its not underwater,Its lighting
and then everyone's favourite graphic will be

so basically,what do we have in Macao are mainly casino and shopping malls!
All u could do is gamble and shop.
I heard that there is 26 casino in Macao,a small island.Thus you could just hop in the casino at any corner.Its that you have to have money with u.Thats all

After the whole day walk,its our time for " Makan " again!!!
Very delicious crab noodles

Ah,everyone was tired after a whole day out!
Its time to head back to hotel and get a good sleep,prepare yourselves for the next day.
Night view in Macao is breathtakings!

Headed to Hong Kong the next day!!

After an hour and half,here we are Hong Kong

Took a refeshing shower and off to our destination

Look at that long queue.Luckily we have done all of our ticket reservation at the hotel!

Ahhhhh! Spot me!!

What is famous in the Ocean Park is the dolphin show.We went there for that,but I think It was just cliche compared to the Australia's Dolphin show

Long tiring day!
Waiting for cab back to hotel!

Whats next?
Its dinner time.
Went to this 5stars restaurant,very luxury and well decorated.Fine dining good wine but BAD BAD BAD attitude of a particular supervisor!
This meal cost us HKD 2000
and just because we didnt order much as they expected us for abalone and other,the supervisor start giving us cold shoulder by saying bad thing at our back,unrealised that my sis heard that.
Dad was so pissed that he shouted at that supervisor when dad angrily asked for the bill.
Only then the supervisor started to twist the story,that he didnt mean that,It was all misunderstanding and all..Bla Bla Bla..but I told,we will never come for the second time!

Oh ya,he even dare to give his name card as to apologized.
Bad attitude he has!Really!

So after the dinner,It was still early.So,we went for a walk around Tsim Tsa Tsui.

Hustle Bustle city huh!
Next station
This place has always be kids dream place,so to myself when I was very young.
But this trip,is my second visit to Disneyland.For me was quite bored,but for my little siblings,they still enjoyed very much even it was their second visit too
ok,lets go,get the MTR (MRT in M'sia) ticket and moved!

To go to Disneyland with MTR,there is a special designed train.
Fancyly decorated with disney creatures


Lunch time



End of disneyland
another famous tourist attraction is the "Wong Lou Sin" temple

Ok,lets move to the next page!

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