July 24, 2010

Thought of the day

Life start getting dull with not having many around me,many are at UK,one in Brunei,some in KL,she is busy with busy,he is busy with his stuff,they are not free.Looks like I gotta plan some travel.
Found this picture in my Cam,and yes,I want another flight,out to somewhere!
Punch* stop dreaming,your practical session is not over yet! Dream on for more leaves!!Hmmm...Its boring for doing routine.
I think I gonna ajak my boy to go travel somewhere nearby.A short getaway could be fun too right?
Punch* Your cash is flowing out and you are drying with the word broke!
Ohw no,been buying a lot these days.Lens,clothes and bag and there goes my money!
*Ring,Ring* Hello Dad............

(Dad: The num. that you have dialed is currently not available,plz DONT try again later)
Its not that I know only how to spend,I do know how to earn,i have good business thoughts and I suggest good idea.Just that,my career isnt very stable,just yet..*giggles*
Doesnt matter,as long as dad know me,that would be just enough.

Couldnt find any picture of my muka,very seldom doing those vain camwhore these days.No No,Im gonna start it back.
Planning to get this as my equipment for self camwhore!
see,this is how my duit semua habis!!!

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