August 28, 2010

All about Randy,how to live your life

Woke up early this morning.Not that I struggled to wake up,but a natural wake at a very early time.Thats good.After this,Im gonna grab my breakfast with few friends of mine.

So,this morning,I happened to browse in my facebook that a friend of mine posted a video of a very inspiring person.I went and search for more video of this person.
Dr.Randy Pausch
You might not know who he is,but its alright.The reason Im talking bout him is that he gave a very inspiring talk before he died.He knows he has only couple of months life left,yes,he is fighting cancer.
So,for an hour,I was watching his talk in Youtube.
I would suggest you (whoever reading this right now) to give just an hour ( which u would probably just be glancing nothing,or gossip in facebook) to watch this.
I have learnt a lot through him.

The Last Lecture


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