August 14, 2010

Attachment do wonders

Saturday,it means day without work.
However,I felt so lazy to dress up and even to make up a lil.
So,what I did at last was,I did some attachment.
What did my attachment mean here.

1. False lashes attachment
2. Contact lens attachment

And so,it turned up to be just good
Looking fine and not dull.

Complete zero make-up.This prove,lashes and contact lens play the main role!

Spend the whole afternoon this late evening with boy.Had our early dinner.
Then hit the cinema for a movie

The new ice fruit cocktail.
They have updated their menu,so there are few new pick for their famous fruit cocktail now!
Give it a try for yourself


and guess what? I bumped into a long long friend of mine again.
Why do I say again,coz we often,always bumped into each other at the same mall
Thats funny
So,this is the first time we took a picture together after 4 years off from high school and tuition classes

HaaaHaaa...feel good to see her again

Ohw,there is one more thing that I have to share today is that,I have found something that i have longed for
When I saw that it is available now in MAS,I was so excited.
So,not thinking much,I just pick and pay!!

Liese Bubble hair colour
Just wash your hair,dry it and then apply the bubbles onto your hair,rinse it,and your hair is then coloured.
Easy,and simple aint it?
Cant wait to try it.
Im gonna wait for Yow babe to be back for her to get her hair dyed with Liese too.
Now im gonna try it first

Few steps and DONE
I picked my colour too
Ash Brown
Can wait to see my colour changed

Upon being lazy today,I just fit myself into some casual outfit

See ya again in the next post!

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