August 1, 2010

Im growing old!

Stucked here yesterday unexpectedly.
Saturday night,and the whole bunch of us were so bored and got nothing to do.So I asked my "assistant" to organize something out.He did a pretty good job.Congrates,you are quite a dependable organizer yet to be a great one.Remember Mr Low,practice makes perfect.

Spinning was good last night.Good music.I personnally like it.

Me,with a not prepared make-up and hair style.One more thing was,I was with flats!!! I felt so short among others.The whole sloppy me yesterday made me felt no confidence.Others were walking in poise in their heels,glancing around with their long false lashes and me? Looking all dumb like a first-time party person.
Ish.But,it was fine,I did enjoyed anyway!

Both were Joker of the night!

Enjoy your night drunkyards!

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