August 14, 2010

Rock the High thing! ❤

Im so into high waisted bottom right.Have no idea why.I think it looks special and out of ordinary.
High waisted bottom has always said to be out of fashion.But right now,they have became the trend and high waisted bottoms are just classic.
With the high waisted bottom,you will be so in style

Even Miley rocks that

Ashanti? I hope I got it right. The shorts are just great to show your sexy legs

Fergie,rocking the hot high waisted denim shorts

Pink,looking vintage in the silky pink pencil skirt

Vanessa Hudgens swaying in that floral high waisted silky skirt

Hot J Lo,in that high waisted skinny jeans,bring out her curve!

Jessica simsons,look great there

Dawnyang looking fabulous pairing the high waisted skirt with Hermes belt

Ohw ya,I spotted few friends of mine looking good in high waisted bottom too

Looking in style,I love this
Identity is kept private


The blogger who loves navy and stripes!
Its you! 

The fashionista who aim for a walk-in closet to put all her trend in.
Looking all time up-to-date!
Thats her 

And lastly,of course not missing myself!

Im loving this


  1. love the fits i wanted to rock the waisted shorts for my 21 birthday but didn't know how now got some ideas thanks

  2. where can i buy high waisted skinny jeans at ?