September 30, 2010


Its late at night right now,and im waiting for Boy to be back.So,I utilised this waiting time writting a short post.
I have been busy lately.Unpacking luggages after the UK trip,then packing stuff for the shifting to my new homie,then busy with my photoes thingy.Ah, in brief, Im in a rumble up situation. Too lil time and too much to do.
No worries,as promised,UK post is definitely going to be posted here.This time,Im also gonna do some blog post for my new homie,a Vlog maybe,if I really have the time.Err,I have been working hard on my blog,going out and surfing around to get more post (Not that I squeeze my brain deadly whatsoever,but I do put effort)and I dont know how many of you out there do love my blog post.
However,I do know,more reader will motivate me to write more.So *wink*

Alright,bye for now!
Good Night

September 13, 2010

The Fortnight!

Greeting you bye.I'm gonna be off for about 2 weeks.Now in the very early morning,I'm setting off to the airport.Gonna see you guys soon.Or,I might be blogging while abroad if everything come in convinience.
Hoping this is a wonderful trip!

September 9, 2010

Buzy Busy

Havent been blogging for a while. Am quite occupied these days.Lots of stuffs pending and its holiday soon.
I'm meeting up with friends,gonna go for raya visit to my muslim babe's place,then appointments with dentist,gonna get my to-bring list checked,and lastly gonna get my luggage packed!
Yup i'm gonna go travelling soon.Hoping this trip will be a great one.Its to my childhood dream country.Stay tuned to know more.
I will be uploading pictures
Hoping that the time will move real slow for these fortnight so that I could enjoy the holiday to my content.

September 5, 2010


Hopped in a very fancy cafe for my dinner yesterday
The whole concept is based on the design of the hospital
It has got wheelchairs as the seats and hospital bed as the couch.

Food are served in hospital apparatus and the waiters and waitresses are dresssed in doctors and nurses coztume.How cute is that huh!


In this modern and fancy design in this 21st century,will u still have the tabbooo mind set for dining on a wheelchairs?
I bet we are all modern people who can adapt to more new things,arent we?
We had fun dinig there.Food are fine,just that we had to wait for quite long becoz it was dinner hour and the cafe was pretty crowded



Visit for more!!!

Location: Gurney plaza,Old wing
4th floor

September 4, 2010

Are u moist enough?

Whats with the title stated above? Yes,I mean your skin.Are they moist enough??
Or do u have problem with dry skins? Always run in and out cosmetics store to pick some products for your skins and eventually burn a hole in your pocket?

Whats the tips of having moisture skin??
1. Drink lots of water?

2. Take more fruits

3. Use Facial mask everyday?

4. Use vaseline

yes!! Vaseline it is!
Vaseline also unveiled its new body lotion range catering to different skin needs, with variants like Total Moisture, Healthy White, Intensive Rescue, and Aloe Cool and Fresh.

One thing I love about Vaseline is,it has got non greasy formula which leave my hand none oily and sticky.
Im loving it.

Only easy steps
Apply it whenever you want wherever you are.
Just that!!
you could also bring along it when you are travelling,especially to a cold place
It always keep your skin smooth,soft and moisture!

Vaseline is always handy to beautiful skin lover!

Aw, grabbed a picture a picture with good skin

So wait no more. Grab VASELINE at your nearby store.
Its a good quality product at an affordable price becoz everyone deserves a good skin!

What say the bangs!

Been having same hairstyle for some times.So,I tried something different.BANGS!

September 3, 2010

August FUN

The last weekend was a long weekend!
When down to college to have some tasks done and met my babe,Renn.She is currently helping me to babysit Chubby.Thanks.
I enjoyed the trip with Boy,had my favourite Indian cuisine and walk around!

Ohw yea,Chubby was with us,so we had to sneak her in to the Hotel.
That was real funny,and she gave good co-operation


In the month of August,celebrated my sis birthday!
she is the merdeka baby!

Happy Birthday Girl!

September 2, 2010

Ping!! Ping!! Ping!!

Ohw,I have got my Blackberry at last.Im not BB kind of a person,more into Iphone actually,however,since my sis and friends far away are having BB and with the BBM thingy,I decided to pick one for myself before getting my Iphone4 next year.
So far the BB is treating me quite well.But Im still not that familiar with it.

So,whoever with Blackberry,
this is my BBM pin
The last figure is "zero" not an "O"

For those with Iphone,you can do the BBM thingy too
Just download "Whatsapp" in your Iphone
then you can start........
SMS without charges to all Iphones user at anywhere,yes,even to overseas!!!
Afterall,texting have become so much convinient and efficient.

Wait no more!

OK,here is my new gadget!

For those who haven't got either BB or Iphone
Trade in you current phone,and pick one