September 30, 2010


Its late at night right now,and im waiting for Boy to be back.So,I utilised this waiting time writting a short post.
I have been busy lately.Unpacking luggages after the UK trip,then packing stuff for the shifting to my new homie,then busy with my photoes thingy.Ah, in brief, Im in a rumble up situation. Too lil time and too much to do.
No worries,as promised,UK post is definitely going to be posted here.This time,Im also gonna do some blog post for my new homie,a Vlog maybe,if I really have the time.Err,I have been working hard on my blog,going out and surfing around to get more post (Not that I squeeze my brain deadly whatsoever,but I do put effort)and I dont know how many of you out there do love my blog post.
However,I do know,more reader will motivate me to write more.So *wink*

Alright,bye for now!
Good Night

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