November 30, 2010

London bridge is falling d❤wn

Alright back to the UK post.
Moving Up to London this time.The journey from Portsmouth to London by coach took us about 2 hours.
London is a very busy city.A very cute pin of it is that you could see lots of redish thingy.The telephone booth and the double decker bus.I love them.Old antique buildings are scattered all over the place.
Shoppers will live a life in paradise.Malls of branded items are at every corner and not this that matter,it is the cheaper price that count.
so lets all the pictures take my talking part.

Ah and this is what I meant Shoppers paradise!

Love the accomodation in UK.Its totally different from here,in Malaysia.
The stay was more home-like,and english breakfast was served every morning at the kitchen.

Ohw,this is my favourite pole by the road side.I know that Singapore have them too.
I name it Chanel Pole. HaaaHaaaHaaa

Ohw how lucky I was during my visit to London.
It was Zac Efron primiere of that movie.
Look at the crowd,queueing to see Zac.Waiting by the pavement.
Big fans!
Im his fan myself

This is Camden market.A quite well known market.Its just like our "pasar pagi" here,but things there and the shops around are of course way interesting.

Ohw now is the part where I think most of the guys would love.
I dont fancy football much but, the emirates stadium did make me falling in love with it.
Boy was so excited along way to the stadium,morever he is the big fan of Arsenal.
Grabbed a tube ticket and -------- here we are ARSENAL


*Yawn* Very tired recently but I know that I have got this post dawdled for sometime.
So this is roughly the whole UK trip
and yes, I would love to have the second,never even mind for the third one.

P/S: Have to start saving up now for Europe next year!!!


*Pardon the bad pictures.Most of it are raw and none edited

November 25, 2010

Be thankful

Its Thanksgiving!
Wishing everyone a Wonderful Thanksgiving.
Im thankful to have this wonderful life,with great family and friends.

Im sending this lil Lucky Santa to bless all my blog readers
May you be blessed with the best of luck throughout  the coming year!


November 24, 2010


Was playing some photoshooting just now with SC.
So I made myself some geisha!
My very first time doing this and I it

And so these are us making nothing for nothing

November 21, 2010

Make up ME❤

Hah! Few of my friends were asking me to blog about my cosmetics!
Here they are!
Slowly scan through everything.These items are all my "kesayangan" and there are gonna be more.

Im planning to buy another plattelet of colours.

So my Top Fav Brands are

1. Bobbi Brown
2. MAC
3. Chanel (Intro by a friend of mine just recently)
4. Kate

And there are these brands that Im gonna try soon
1. Benefits
2. Make Up Pro
3. Forever Make Up

P/S : Having all these doesnt mean I make-up all time.Im more of a lazy girl.So mostly they just stay in my make-up box.I do love to make up but I hate the removing job in the end.
Most of the time,I just top a lil eyeliner,and blusher.Yes,lazy lah sometimes...Unless I have got the mood!!! *wink*
So when u see me in good make-up,that mean im in quite a good hardworking mood!
I have a principal: Nourish your skin with good skin care coz it gives the best outlook naturally, lessen your make-up as it just do the covering!