November 21, 2010

Make up ME❤

Hah! Few of my friends were asking me to blog about my cosmetics!
Here they are!
Slowly scan through everything.These items are all my "kesayangan" and there are gonna be more.

Im planning to buy another plattelet of colours.

So my Top Fav Brands are

1. Bobbi Brown
2. MAC
3. Chanel (Intro by a friend of mine just recently)
4. Kate

And there are these brands that Im gonna try soon
1. Benefits
2. Make Up Pro
3. Forever Make Up

P/S : Having all these doesnt mean I make-up all time.Im more of a lazy girl.So mostly they just stay in my make-up box.I do love to make up but I hate the removing job in the end.
Most of the time,I just top a lil eyeliner,and blusher.Yes,lazy lah sometimes...Unless I have got the mood!!! *wink*
So when u see me in good make-up,that mean im in quite a good hardworking mood!
I have a principal: Nourish your skin with good skin care coz it gives the best outlook naturally, lessen your make-up as it just do the covering!

1 comment:

  1. short visit here a while...,
    u've so nice collection.

    im agree!
    clearing job afta make-up sooo leceh.. huhuhu