November 17, 2010

❤ Portsmouth

Here it is,as promised earlier.My UK trip post.
Europe and America has always been my dream country since young.
And never did I ever expect, I get to step on the land of my dream country this year.
During summer,almost spring,I went to Portsmouth and then moved up to London.
Beautiful place I would say.And it is of shoppers paradise.Really.
Just around UK this time.Hoping for Europe next year.
So lets cut the words less and enjoy the pictures.

Big Ben near the London Bridge

Twisting Tower at Portsmouth

 Portsmouth Town

The Tower Bridge at London

The Eye On London

So,these are the few places that I step on.Very beautiful.Old antique-looking of buildings everywhere.all well preserved!
Life are pretty relaxing in Portsmouth while in London,life are more of...busy?..Becoz its all time crowded in London.
Thus,overall,which would I love more to be at?
I think I would still love Malaysia
(Cant get any Laksa,overseas)

Alright,gotta show some pictures with my face in it!

So this trip was mainly becoz we gonna settle this girl (with yellow bag) Ms Cheah,there in Uni of Portsmouth
Well done girl!
And Good Luck in your future undertakings.

The first day in UK
We reached portsmouth at around 12 midnight
and we got a quite good hotel to stay

Very windy in the morning.

Yes,a night for RM250

Fish&Chips are everywhere


Never miss football in UK
So,coincidently we managed to watch a match in Portsmouth

He couldnt be bothered to take any picture!
He was totally drown in the match,the crowd and the screams!

Lets talk about the girl who is going to have years time staying here in Portsmouth.
Here she is,at the Portsmouth University

this is one of the Uni's Hostel
Very nice accomodation
Friendly cleaner,some are pretty too *wink*

So these are all about my stay in Portsmouth
Moving up to London in the next post!
See u there

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