December 14, 2010


Aww,I felt heavy hearted already for a friend of mine who is gonna leave for Indo  for his license convertion thingy.As for farewell,he brought us all to Dao Rae.Very nice Korean BBQ place,even he loves it.
He has been such a good friend of mine,and a great great caring person he is.But he likes calling me camel (coz I hate to drink water).And to repay his kindness for creating me such a cute name,I call him "Roti Canai",becoz,he has a face that looks just like it.Haaahaaa..Owww..see,Vince,if you are reading this,I know you gonna miss me badly.No one will call u with this great name back there in Indo u know.
Anyway,good luck in your future undertakings
And we will always have your back in everything you do! *finger crossed

He sucks at using those flat chopsticks (even myself)

The end of the session,of course, the groupie photo session!
We even took photo with the " Tauke " in house.

Bye Roti Canai.You are so gonna miss me.
You know you do! HaaHaaHaa


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