December 27, 2010

The christmas with ❤

This post is mainly to thank Boy,for this wonderful Christmas celebration.
Just like every couples do every year (I think so) we exchange Christmas Gift

I guess he knows what I would love,and these are from him

So in return I got him a room in Penang
Come on,nothing nasty.
I choose to gift him a hotel stay because he (me too) will be tired to drive back all the way back home which will take us 45 mins from the island
So,I booked a room(Thanks to Dev,for the arrangement) that we could just hop in after Christmas party
No worries of road block,accident,driving with alcohol consumption and sleepy driving.
I have made a right gift!

A very lovely complimentary christmas cookies from the Hotel

The next day,what else,checked out at noon hour,got ourselves a brunch and a movie.

That was all for Christmas

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