December 27, 2010

The ❤ Christmas

Ah so many people have got their Christmas blog done! My dashboard showed everyone's title in the topic of Christmas.Few friends of mine were urging me for my blog.So here they are!
For this Christmas,I have done something special,at least to myself because,this is my first time doing gift exchange aside with Boy.
So,as to exchange the gifts,I threw a small party at home and I named it Pre-Xmas Dinner

So these are the gifts

They just cant wait to sing!!!

Me,getting the table done!
A very simple dinner



 Here comes the exchanging gift session
Gifts from me to them all

Jac Yin                     Jenny                   Shirley

They both couldnt make it that night
Yow and Alice


Shirley And Myself

See what have she got me

and My gifts for this sweet lady



Jenny and Myself

Gifts from her


And mine for this little chilli

She was touched?


Jac and Myself
She got me .....

And mine for this babe


Myself with Alice (She were not there.She sent her gift anyway)

In return of Exchange,I got this hot chick....

Yow was not here too
and she gave me this...
Handmaded piece of art

I have got her something,she havent sent me the pics.Will update once I get the pic!

Next will be Suzzanne and myself
Her gift is on the way as she is now touring
Aha..Gift from Suz,all the way from Istanbul

Spotted a lovely phrase on the box that she gave me..awww...touched

So let see what have I got her

As for my another chick.I went down to KL to send her the gift

and I gave her this

exchanged:she gave me....

Oh,and this is the interesting part.I exchange gift with a very faraway friend of mine too
Not THAT far,its only Singapore
So we used parcel mailing
HaaaHaaa,and that was really fun despite the cost of the parcel mailing and the trouble to take to the post office.
So this is what she got me

And when my gifts reached Singapore,she sent me the pictures
Aww..this is really fun,I told her that we gonna do it for next year!

I exchanged gift with my mum too
I got her this......

And she got me this.....

So lets see the roll of gifts for my Christmas!

Ohw wait wait,I buy myself a Christmas gift too

Limited edition Bobbi Brown Sparkling plattelet
Go grab yourself one while stocks last,you gonna love this piece


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