December 1, 2010

New Home Warmers =)

Hey,remember there was once I was missing from the net for quite sometimes?Ohw I was busy packing becoz I had to move to my new homie.Not that I have to move to somewhere far,It's just 10mins drive from my former house.
So,to warm up the new house,dad threw a house warming party sort of thing.
Invited few friends,some couldn't make it (You know who you are) and I would make them another party by any chance after this.

This was the crowd,most of them are relatives.

As for us,crazy teenagers,we had our fun,drinking and karaoke

Friends who came all the way from the island
Thank you!

Ohw,It was also my bro-in law's birthday!

What more,me and fellow babes and dudes.

Guess this look more like a family potrait.LOL



Thats all for now!

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  1. babe...swanky pad you got there...paiseh for not attending. haha. btw, the girl with long hair looks like angelababy lah...