December 5, 2010

STAGE Makeover

Today is like a spree for me.
I have grabbed quite a lot of cosmetics and I had a lil makeover at STAGE
Start loving their products.
Ohw,I have received my Xmas pressie too.
Not gonna reveal what have I received till the eve.
Still waiting for more pressie to come.I'm playing gifts exchange this Xmas.


Tada! This is me with smoky shading + Nude gloss
Not too much of differ from what I always do,because I asked for a soft smoky

And so with the makeover and everything,I brought back these....

Tsk Tsk Tsk
You should love them too,they are quite nice

Camwhore a bit after the makeover

Ohw,I have got a new baby today,name GreenieBun

Boy bought it for me,telling that the bunny represent him as he is borned in the year of rabbit and he likes green.
So he bought me a green rabbit soft toy

Welcome grennie !


  1. awww... BUNNY!! I LOVE BUNNYS... i'm like crazy bout bunny stuff...I have a few soft toys lo.. LOL! =P

  2. Lol.....Bunnys are cute...go check at the shop "Material" they have got some bunny stuff,bet you gonna love them

  3. wooh ! nice that chris ! xD and i love love love the bunnies =D