December 22, 2010

The ❤ weekends

Last weekend was the weekend that I have longed for.Went down to south,KL only la to run some errands for mum,meet friends (Ended up get to meet only ONE babe) Anyway Im thrilled enough that I get to see her after so long,my bestie chick!
Had a great time catching up,shopped and EAT! I love foooood,so do my Boy.So,Im happy that we enjoy food.

Let see what have I done there!

Hopped in "Libraby" right after reaching KL

Met with bunch of friends!
and of course the priority one

Haahaa and here,Boy was trying to get-to-know my bunch of friends.Some are new to me though

After a lil bit of live band and hoegaarden,hopped to my all time restaurant that serve good " chu cha " as in cook and fried in english LOL
Good fried rice,good noodles,good vege!

The very next day
For my brunch,the one place that I will crave for when Im in KL
is this shop called Nirvana@ Bangsar
The Banana-Leaf of course!!!

Burrrp* Very full and its time to have some walk for a lil digestion!
So we went to pavillion,walked around for the whole afternoon.
Ooops I just realised that I didnt snap any pic while walking and shopping.Hmm,not a good blogger yet.
I only get to snap pics during stops!
alright,skipped the buying process,lets go to the tea time part.
Here I am....

So what is next,after tea-time,Its the dinner time la! 
I just cared bout makan makan and makan
so,here we are....


That was all for the whole day
What did we do at the night?
Haahaa, went up to Genting for some investment
*evilish laughter*
For the next day,before leaving,Boy and dar Felicia did facial
(I wasnt feeling well,so I skipped it)
and we had a wonderful meal before heading home

BuhBye FUN and RELAX


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