January 29, 2011

K dinner & Wine

Remember there was once I created an event in my Fbook?The Post house warming cocktails thingy.So here is my back-dated post! Sowieeeee! Been busy with assignments and presentation these few days.Now Im done with those and have my time to blog!! Yay!

Boy,the chef of the day!

Uncles Aunts Grandma and few couzies joined!

And when the night turned darker...HaaHaa...I dont know how to describe.
The K-Time begun

The Whole big group Shots

Yeeehaaa....Great Time

P/S: I had few friends missing in the pictures, JennyLim, RickLow, JacYin, WendyChen, AliceOoi ,& JosephineWen

January 21, 2011

Shirley's Birthday bash❤

Ohw ho! My first friend birthday celebration in 2011.She is my barbie,Shirley
So,this blog post is specially dedicated to her.
A very unforgetable birthday for her.

Went all the way,hunting for her gift and her cake.
And we planned out a very creative so-called "Birthday Cake"
Here we are at Sticks,Qsbay


Everyone had fun choosing their fav Doughnut!

The FlowerGirls

Happy Birthday once again Chee