January 20, 2011

My Fashionista ❤ reviews

Im sure every girl love fashion and girly thingy.Even if you are not a girly kind of girl,TomBoy whatsoever,I bet you would love fashion too right.
Myself love fashion to the max.I love them but Im not a pro in it.I have my own style and my principal will be chic+comfy+confidence=Presentable.Dont go too GaGa coz she is too special for anyone to actually immitate her way of dressing up.Stay to your own way,keep yourself updated to trend and dressin your style.That it is.Easy and no mess.
IMPORTANT: Dress up according to event/occasion.Dont go beyond the theme.
So,talking about fashion,I love westernized fashion.Blake Lively and Leighton Meester have always been my fashion Idol when I started watching GG.

Blake and Leighton are both my inspiration and goddess of fashion.Of course there are more other,but they two would be my Top 5 pick.Next would be Hillary,Paris,MeganF, ...etc...
Blake and Leighton look just gorgeous in almost every pieces of outfit
Perhaps they are of glamorous kind of people and that makes them look good in ANY WAY?!

Wanna be like her? Grab these few that look almost similar

Just in a T and Short/Mini they look GORGEOUS


  1. love your blog! I'm pretty knew to the blogging world I hope you'll be able to check it out! Definitely following your blog

  2. Thanks linda,you have me as your followers too