February 24, 2011

Before you leave

Havent gone for a party with bunch of friends for real long.So one wednesday,ladies night,and before my friends went back for their classes overseas,we had a great party.
It was at Mois,Penang.

Awww,I miss you already JoJoCant wait to visit u at Melb
Gonna visit so many other in Melb,Eelyn and Suz


February 20, 2011

Vday fashion review

Valentine's is a day where you suppose to doll up in an impressive way.
Mine was just classic and comfy

Top : MNG Navy Stripy
Bottom : Nichii Mini silky skirt
Belt : Louis Vuitton
Shoes  : Vincci

February 19, 2011

Valentines ❤

Most of the people have got their valentine's post up and mine is still dragged.And now,its my time for the V post.
This is our 6th valentine's
This time,we dined at E&O Buffet dinner
Love the food there,the ambience and the service
Its worth despite paying more.

As always,every valentine's we will have gift exchanging.
I ran out of idea what to give,so I pick something simple and practical
An Iphone casing from AppleStore and Leather wallet from his favourite CountryRide
and in return,I got a very cute lovely pendant

There are words engraved on the pendant.It was engraved with
 "1314 and Eternal love ( in chinese)"

He was so excited receiving the gift and use it immediately after that

We arrived rather early and the buffet only start at 7pm. While waiting,we walked around taking pictures like what I will always do.

I love the setting of the outdoor seat.
Its by the beach and the breeze is just a bliss
But on that Vday,we took the indoor seat.
Boy said he wants air conditioning futhermore it was raining

7pm and here we were

It was valentine's day,so this was the complimentary Choc for each couple
Besides, we had the singer band for each table
Aww,the love song made my date even more romantic

Toodles, bet you guys had one wonderful celebration too right!
See u in the next post

With ❤    


February 16, 2011

2011 Chinese New Year with ❤ s

I guess it's time for me to do CNY post.So how was your half a month of CNY.I know its another day to the end.I had lots of fun.Meeting up with long lost friends,relatives and family is just so great.Catching up session,hung out together,drink&gamble,and going for a big family trip are awesome.
Not going to say much,but this post is definitely gonna have lots and lots of snappics!
Ohw ya,I had the most yee sang this CNY
Hope I will have lots and lots of good luck and fortune ;)

Alright its pictures time,happy scrolling!

Steamboat time at Vincent's

Friends at my crib!

Gambling and BBQ at aunt's

Then the One day relatives shopping!

Meeting up with my old friends (My tuition friends)

Out for high tea with the sister

If u do follow me on twitter @Christer3,I tweeted about my big family trip
Yea,we went all the way to genting for gamble and the kids went for their theme park
A friend of mine followed and we had our big family yee sang again

After dinner,headed to my favourite place for a cup of hot choco

I had this again for my next day breakfast!

Ohw ya, it was my bestie belted birthday the day I was in Genting.
Coincidently she was going there at the same day as me with her bunch of friends
So,of course I met her and past her the Birthday gift


My 1st day and 2nd day CNY looks
3rd day and so on, * I forgot to take pictures and was lazy to do so already

Top : Cotton On
Bottom : Kitschen Black Mini skirt,Levis skinny Jeans
Shoes: Black stripy gladiator from Vincci

and there goes the 2011 Chinese New Year