March 27, 2011


Hanging out session with fellow buddies are always great
So,this were us before the weekend

That was our teatime
and after our evening show of

Here we are for our dinner " KhunTai"

March 24, 2011

Quote of the month

" We thought hating a person,
We get to hurt them.
However,hatred is a curved blade.
The harm that we do to other,eventually hurt ourselves too"

P/S: I get this says from a movie that I watched the other day
It is so well said that I jotted down in my planner
So,I would like to share it here

So say PEACE to


March 23, 2011

Style Flash Beauty & Image centre

Yes,Im changing my path
I joined

My principal
also known as our "Daddy"
(He wants every student to greet him daddy to create a closer bond between the student and him)

Interested in joining us?
Let me know and I can bring you in
Oh,Its the promo month before the increment of the fees
So,register before its too late

Lil portfolio of style flash student HERE

March 20, 2011


Was full moon last night.It was said the moon was at its nearer place to earth last night
So what moon did u see yesterday?
Enormous bright moon?
The moon I saw......

So how should I describe it?

So,back to my walking line.
I was at the island early evening
Went for my early dinner and I met a friend there

After Dinner
Here we went...
The Malaysia FullMoon Party @ Penang Swimming Club

We have the DJ from Zouk KL,DJ Ken aka MasterK

And our Malaysia youngest Stand-up Comedian! Mr. Andrew Netto
Some call him Malaysia's Rusell Peters

The exotic Maserati On display

Wasnt having large crowd as It was raining
How cute was,they ate their food with a hand holding an umbrella

Very supportive huh!!

Ah,the fullmoon up there just matched the board

As the night went by,the crowd was getting bigger.Plus,the rain STOPPED!
Fun Started

Everyone was so high,and she went high tooo...

By late,I started craving for food
So I got a change,and hit my fav malay stall

Night was still young
So,next round....The cinema.
11.45pm show for..........

Thats all for the latest update!

March 9, 2011

Always ❤

As I always says,meeting up with friends are always good time.Today,I have my good time spent with me childhood,primary,secondary and up to now bestie.
We went shopping and drinking
and yes,I have missed hanging out with her.

Looking forward to another hangout session!
So DR Aiza,come back often.Stop getting yourself stucked in KL


March 4, 2011

2011 Oscar

Flipping throught this month magazines,they are all gonna be about the fashion review on the 2011 Oscar Awards

Celebrities flung themselves in their best dress
If I were there,every piece of their dresses will make jaw-dropping out of me
alright lets see what do we have on the red carpet

Natalie Portman
Off shouldered gown with a v-neck and Swarovski crystal detailing by Rodarte
Silk sandals by Jimmy Choo

Mila Kunis
Light lavender lace gown from Elie Saab Spring 2011 Couture collection

Aishwarya Rai
A bronze Giorgio Armani Prive gown with rows of linear amber sequins
Cluth by Jimmy Choo

Anne Hathaway
 A super sexy strapless red gownwith rosette detailing by Valentino

Halle Berry
A nude and crystal encrusted corset Marchesa gown with organza and silk tulle ruffles

So these are my TOP 5 picks
We have other well dressed too

Celine Dion,Sandra bullock,Gwyneth Paltrow,Jennifer Hudson,Jennifer Lawrence,
Amy Adams,Sarah Jessica Parker,Mariah Carey and ...etc...lets see for more!