March 20, 2011


Was full moon last night.It was said the moon was at its nearer place to earth last night
So what moon did u see yesterday?
Enormous bright moon?
The moon I saw......

So how should I describe it?

So,back to my walking line.
I was at the island early evening
Went for my early dinner and I met a friend there

After Dinner
Here we went...
The Malaysia FullMoon Party @ Penang Swimming Club

We have the DJ from Zouk KL,DJ Ken aka MasterK

And our Malaysia youngest Stand-up Comedian! Mr. Andrew Netto
Some call him Malaysia's Rusell Peters

The exotic Maserati On display

Wasnt having large crowd as It was raining
How cute was,they ate their food with a hand holding an umbrella

Very supportive huh!!

Ah,the fullmoon up there just matched the board

As the night went by,the crowd was getting bigger.Plus,the rain STOPPED!
Fun Started

Everyone was so high,and she went high tooo...

By late,I started craving for food
So I got a change,and hit my fav malay stall

Night was still young
So,next round....The cinema.
11.45pm show for..........

Thats all for the latest update!

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