April 29, 2011

Weekends getaway!

I have got a back dated post here
Was my lil getaway.A weekend in KL
Get to met up with few friends,caught up a lil and that was all I had there.
I have got a partner tagging along this getaway

A journey of 3 hours and my first stop,was at my Favourite place
Sushi Zanmai at ONE Utama!!

This weekend getaway could be said all about food
I went for food that I have been missing back in hometown
Also,get to try something new
I always miss the dessert station in KL
So,here I was

And also I received my first bday pressie!

Handmade cupcakes!!
Thanks to Dar!

Done for one whole day
Lets start with my brunch for the next day
another fav of mine!
Indian cuisine

Look at the crowd
we had to queue and shared table

After a very filling and satisfying brunch,we headed up to Sunway Pyramid
was Chatime first day launch at Sunway
Honestly,I havent tried chatime since then
and that was my first time trying

Another long long queue that day ,and I have to wait for 30mins for my drink becoz they are cooking the pearls =='''

And after strolling here and there for 30 mins
I have finally got my order

So where was I for that 30mins of waiting
Pfft! Rolling back...

Yesh! Fullhouse,for something real light
a soup
I love food

And here I got my 2nd Birthday gift

I was like a happy kid

Aha! Done for half of the day and another half was already the dinner time
I was brought to this very nice place

Love the whole setting of the place
Food are good,service,I would give 6/10
Big crowd
But overall,its a recommended place to dine

another queue before we got our seat
I realized that places I went,were all quite packed

The boss of the day!
and lets see what we had

Done for the dinner
So what was for the next day
Our final day
lets see!

I called up a friend of mine to ask for this place that I saw in her picture
and she told me the location
we went searching for it and we found it

I love this place so much already when I first saw the pictures of it

And I was happy to get to see...

Tada! Thanks to Jo,and LONG time no see

About time to get home
After brunch
my last food there

Wow! This is like a food or "Makan Makan" trip
Im loving this anyway
Eating is just great
Im grateful that I always have good food
Thanks GOD

BuhBye! from US
Another 3 hour back home!