April 3, 2011

Bobbi Brown ❤

Its late and I should be in bed as I need to get up early tomorrow for the "ChengBeng" prayers.
However I think I shouldnt dawdled my post else I gonna stack up more and more pending posts.
So today,I attended the
 Grand Opening Party of Bobbi Brown store in Gurney Plaza (Not that grand though)
Me and my mum RSVP for the doorgift

I wished I could make myself a makeup table like this

Lots of new products
Go check them out

And so what I bought for myself today

And I got myself a lucky draw
and doorgift
Both are vouchers

I dont really need the Eyebrows Trimming from Bobbi Brown because,I could do it on my own and I have got my eyebrows embroidered anyway.
SO,I have decided to give it out to you fellow beauties

I have got
2 pieces of Bobbi Brown Eyebrows Trimming Service vouchers
and Im gonna send them out to you!

How could you get it?
Wait for my next post

xoxo ❤

1 comment:

  1. I really wish i have the courage to send in my katak eyes @_@"