April 26, 2011

My 23rd blast!!!

Was a great celebration for me last weekend.Wasnt a very grand one but it was all the efforts of my babes and babyfat.I appericiate that and it reallt meant a lot to me.
Thanks to all,thanks to all for the surprises,thanks to all for the gifts,thanks to all who planned,thanks to all who wished me on my FB wall,THANKS

I always devide my birthday celebration into 2 days.
One for my family,another one will be with the friends
So,lets start from the family dinner for my birthday
Everyone joined! Was feeling glad and happy and grateful that I get a very good dinner with my family
Thanks to GOD.

Here we are,

AH! AngPaos for the birthday girl
Thanks to my granparents and my sis!!!

Was a very filling meal that day and it made me forgotten to take pictures of other dishes
Was busy *nomming*

And for the next day,the official birthday of mine,23rd Apr 2011
My first station was to the temple
Made a birthday wish and did some donation
Ask for blessing and thank The GOD

Alright,first task done
Moved to the mall,for a lil make over at Bobbi Brown's store
Used my complimentary birthday make over voucher

Done! Face coloured! LOL

Hit the cinema and off to dinner
My dinner took place at The Sun
Doesnt look attractive at the outside
but wait till u see the inside
I love the ambience and its a nice place for meal

I thought it gonna be a 2 person only dinner
but to my surprise....

They were there waiting....Awwww....this is real surprising

Our starter

Done with the dinner and of course some potratis shots

And the last place.

And here come another surprise

I have got a Chanel Cupcake!

A complimentary beer from the house

Thanks for the pressies!

Thanks to all,Daddy,Mummy,Sisters,Babes (You know who you are)
Babyfat and guys!! Thanks a lot making the day memorable
P/S : I also have few more gifts unclaimed * wink,wink *

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