May 26, 2011

The bash alongside!

This fortnight isnt a good week for me at all
Been struck by bad lucks!!
How bad?
Lets see and you be the judge
1. Hardisk Corrupted,work stucked! No work to hand to costumers!
2. Lappie Out of service
* Both are now still with the techician.Live saving
3. Car window got smashed
4. WHOLE make-up box worth of 3K plus got taken away
5. All my worksheets and assignments taken!!!!
6. Jobs stucked!!!
7. Money gone for restocking the products!!

So,ya,these are the bad things that get my life of this 2 weeks miserable!!
Anyway,Im praying hard now for the hardisk.Please Mr Kevyn,save my life

Anyway,alongside with these shits,I have got good things too
Birthday celebration of my pal
My bro,Mr NG's big day
Celebrated at Delicious,Straits Quay

I have always love the colour of the setting in Delicious
Turqouise + White
Perfect! I have my room painted these colours too

Hmm everyone was picking their dish

Girls of the day

So,what did we have for the celebration

Very filling indeed! Portion was kinda big

End of the night
Happy Birthday once again JY

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  1. costumer??? you mean customer such word as bad "lucks". Luck is luck , there is no plural. you never add S to it!! please write less and put more pictures of your self so your grammar does not embarrass you any further..