May 21, 2011

Little going out session!

Came back from 2 dinner date today,one was with my babes,Q and J then the next round was with mom and couzies.Feeling really full right now.Therefore while waiting for some digestion,guess I should blog for a bit as I have dawdled quite lots of post already
Lets talk about my trip to the South.Nowhere far,its just a place where I frequent,Genting and KL
That travel was for the weekends chill and with a couple who husband came back from SG and join this plan.
We had great time eating here and there,walked here and there.

The reason for me and babyfat went to the highland was for a show presented by Jacky Wu,a taiwanese comedian.
Jacky is babyfat's idol and therefore,he just had to go!

Got our ticket
but too bad,I brought the wrong camera there.They did not allow DSLR
so..I got no pic for the show

Lets start talking bout the places that I/we stopped by
Erm,after uploading all,I feel they are mostly about food
Doesnt matter! Lets begin
Me,a huge fan of Japanese food
Reach KL noon,ran some errands,then ...
to OU,for Zanmai Sushi

 After a very contented lunch,we drove up to the highland
Took a rest and got our dinner before the show

Again I was so full.Filled with all my Fav dishes

Show ended at 11pm
where else could we go in Genting
Of course a place that we will never miss
Monte Carlos Casino
" Too bad! It wasnt our luck "
The next day,we drove down to KL
our first spot was
and now we have companion
Q and her husband

Heavy breakfast we got there!
Checked in to the hotel after that.
Showered and its the 'Jalan Jalan' time
I was told there was a beauty expo at KLCC
and so we went there to have a look
very big expo,with taiwanese artist doing some show there
they were the people and host of the program
'Nv Ren Wo Zui Da'

After hours of walking here and there in the mall
we headed to bangsar for early dinner

HaHa,they got closer after the trip

Went back for shower and some refreshment
guess what.Before hitting the bar,we felt hungry again
Went to a famous street of food which was really near to our hotel
Jalan ALOR

*Yummm,finger licking good*

There is one point I love KL
they have got nice bar
so here we were
Great view,perfect ambience,wonderful music and awesome crowd

Ordered Daiquiri's for the first time and I loved it for the first try

Ohw,a must intro person
He came all the way from far to pass me the souvenir that he got me from the States
Thanks a lot Max
He got me a flip camera *video from it coming up* & a dreamcatcher!
Love them all
He told me he left out few and gonna hand them to me some other time
Oh..He is real sweet
Thanks again pal!

Perfect night
The last day
we started our day with some hongkie's food

A 3D2N trip that created closer friendship
Hope for more outings with the friends and the loved one

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