May 26, 2011

Your 24th ❤

The 6th time I celebrated birthday with my Boy who I called babyfat
So,this year is kinda special because Im buying him NO gift,and he bought me NO gift too on my birthday
Hmm,what do u think?
Birthday with NO gift is a NONO for me
So, this is our game this year.In view that we have a coming trip to go,we will claim our gift during the trip,
which means, I will need to buy him the thing that he wants and the other way too he has to do
*Giggle* I already have something in mind *Evil smile*
Will post up once we got our gifts

No gift doesnt mean there is no celebration
Celebration is still as usual
We love Japanese
So,we had our teatime at Azuma Japanese Restaurant

I just love sushi sashimi and wasabi!!!

After the tea,went strolling a while,shopped for a lil
and then I brought him to a restaurant for dinner

(A restaurant recommended by Alice)
Comments: Food 8/10
                 Service 9/10
                 Design 6/10
              Overall 8.5/10

Welcome to The Sire

My highly recommended starter
Crabmeat Salad

The plate is bigger than my face!!!
Taste good

Our  main course
Lemonade Grilled Chicken and Prawn Arabiata Pasta



  1. hey girl! there's another place, just right opposite the junction of "Sunset Bistro" . That restaurant is a must -go at night! :) :) great food, great environment :)