July 30, 2011


Have a great and fun shooting at the beach today

Stay tuned for our work


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July 28, 2011


Have a fun photoshooting yesterday with three funny girls
For a campaign of NO H8
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Support equalities!
More photoes coming up

To-gether gether!!

Wuuhoo!! Blogging time!
So,we had this lil get-together dinner yesterday at Winter Warmers
Jo is leaving real soon

O,my not-so-ready face for the camera!

Photo credited to JOJO & Alice! Good Job

Found some vain pichas of two kiddos!

Lol! I know they so gonna thank me for promoting these!

A dinner for her,but she had to pay!! Lol
This is her signature post for camera as her phone can never leave her hands
wait till u see below picture
The SAME pose!!

After dinner,we headed to the island to meet another babe! She was also leaving for Aussie and she left today
Met up,and chit chat a lil
Yea,apparently I do miss her

Hah! see..She and her phone again!!!!
Tsk tsk tsk

Oh ya, here I would like to thank Eelynn for being such a sweet friend
She got me and my lil pressie from Aussie

He was so happy to see the pressie!!
Mine,Im gonna post it up in another post!!

Good night folks

July 25, 2011

Jo's bye and Aunt's birthday

Jojo,have had her weeks here,back in Malaysia and she is leaving for Aussie next week
Threw a small party for her,with the theme 'Braided hair'
Yes,I got my hair braided
and there were few who did not follow the theme!!! *hmmph*

The dancer that we hired that night! LOL

Coincidently my aunt's birhtday was on the same day
so,we gave her a surprise lil celebration

End of the night

P/S: Not much of Jo's picture becoz she went off half way and came back late.
Anyway we gonna have another dinner with her tomorrow
so more pichas coming up!

Korea-The END

The third post finally
It is not easy to write a long post in addition with the problematic blogger server
Spacing went wrong,pictures uploading went faulty
Ah,blogger,you gotta do something!!!

Lets talk about Korea now
HongKong has their Disneyland,Japan has theirs,Paris has their but what about Korea?
Korea has their EVERLAND
Yes,Everland stands with their own cartoon character
You might now get to see here in our country,it might be somekind of their own country customised cartoon character
Well,nothing bout weird looking cartoon or cartoon that do not look like cartoon
Well,its still a cute cartoon though
Alright,I guess pictures speak clearer

 Spotted  very adorable Korean kid! He is really a korean.Look at the hair!!

Crazy ride!Obviously not my fav one! Im not in the picha!!

Then we went visiting the Korean Temple

After the temple,we visited Korean palace,a no more in operation palace that meant for tourist/local to visit

The president's "house"

The ancient street

They have their traditional game in the park

Another place I went is a place where I believe most girl will be crazy about it
well, Im not a fan of H.K but this cafe is really cute and attractive
making the non H.K lover almost fell in love with it

Then we have the very famous show
called the Nanta Show
It is a musical show that took place in a kitchen
Instruments aare all made of kitchen's utensils
No video allowed and therefore I couldnt post up any video to show u guys

And so this is the END of a very long post of my Korea trip on June
I have another long post coming up regarding my Europe trip

 Us,in Korean tradisional wear.Forgotten what it is called!!!