July 4, 2011

Cant wait to be home

Finally the last day of my Europe and UK trip has arrived! After this long long trip,I just cant wait to be home! I wanna see my family,my friends and home FOOD of course!
Only till today of all these 20days I get to blog.Thanks to boyfie's cousin sis for a lappie in the hotel
I dont know how much of posts have I left behind
I miss blogging so much.It has become something I love to do for leisure.
Im coming home soon and I have got tons of pics to be posted.
June have became a travel month for me
I was only at home for a week last month and then Im gone till today
Early of June was Korea trip and mid of the month was Europe till now.
Hmm,let me say out my feeling towards these trips
Was kinda excited at first,anxious bout places that Im gonna visit.
As days go longer,feeling of tired and aches all over the body begun.
I was happy to get to see lots of stuff and people but at the same time,I felt worn out and that made my mood go down.
Well,of course after visiting so many places,seeing all fancy stuff,eating all the food,buying craps,I went BROKE-mood gone even down =)
Nevertheless,I learnt a lot
Hah! Lets come back to myself for now
Im all alone with the lappie in the hotel while the others are out to the London Bridge
I so wanna upload all the pics up,unfortunately it isnt very convenient at the moment with a lappie that I dont own and Wi-fi that is not fast enough

Im gonna be home soon YAY
and posts are goona be up real quick
its gonna be interesting one I believe
Im gonna show u around places I have visited
Maybe that could give u an idea when u plan to visit the same place one day

miss u all

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